Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let's Paint a Lighthouse Scene

Lighthouse sketch drawing for art classes or adult coloringIf you love art and enjoy coloring, you may want to try to create a painting or pencil drawing of your very own.  When I was learning about art, the hardest thing for me to do was to draw the initial sketch for a painting.

Well I've been making art for more than 50 years now, and I'm pretty comfortable with sketching from photographs. I'm  adding a new section on my web sites in the printable art and coloring pages for adults: art sketches, ready to print and paint or color in.

Here's a recent art sketch I drew for It's a sketch  drawing of a lighthouse and beach walk. I got the idea from a photograph I took several  years ago when I visited the beaches on Long Island.

Print out the art sketch and use the reference photo from the same page to make your own lighthouse painting or colored pencil drawing. It's more than a coloring page, it's a paint by number picture where you make up the numbers for each coloring in section, so you can make your art in any style: realistic, impressionistic or any other method you like.

Try working the picture art in several ways - perhaps in monotone, then as a summer scene or with a dramatic sunrise/sunset behind the lighthouse.

Printable lighthouse art sketch is free for noncommercial use; print it at

Friday, September 5, 2014

All You Need is Love - and some markers

Love Coloring Poster, printable
The Beatles had it right: all you need is love to make it through life. Here's a new calligraphy design poster with LOVE at the forefront.

All you need is a printer, this adult coloring page, and some markers or colored pencils to make a sweet statement or shower decoration.

Love Coloring Poster is a free printable for personal use; you can pin it or share on Facebook or Twitter using a link and small image like the one above.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Secret Message Graffiti Poster

Love Chinese lettering geometric design poster
Mashup lettering  design spells LOVE in Chinese
With hints of geometric design or street art, this abstract lettering pattern is made up of the Chinese characters for the word LOVE.

Characters arranged in multiple layers, flipped over words and varied sizes of the same text combine to create a line art graphic that's both challenging to color and intriguing to decipher.

Create a secret message poster from this original calligraphy design by Lee Hansen Hoch.

Printable PDF  Chinese lettering design poster - LOVE, available for download (free for any noncommercial use).

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crows Design Sheet - Who's Counting?

Flock of Birds Design Sheet
I live surrounded by farms, woodlands and birds. I mean LOTS of birds, including several families of large black crows and ravens who nest in the tall pine trees near my house. They make quite a racket when they're trying to fledge their young. I often see them gathered in big flocks like this picture, walking about in the fields with their friends and family just after corn planting time. They congregate again after the hay mowing and corn harvesting are done, and if there happens to be any interesting roadkill around.

I was thinking about  Counting Crows music and then  the Alfred Hitchchock film The Birds as I created this coloring page ... have no fear, the gang of feathered friends in this  flock of birds design can be any type of bird you like.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Geometric Abstract Design for Colorists

Fleur de Lis Abstract Design Coloring Page
The latest category of  adult coloring pages at is a collection of original abstract designs on printable sheets.

This new fleur de lis inspired black and white pattern for coloring will provide plenty of challenging creative relaxation for teens, adults (including seniors)  or inspiration for fiber crafts and art projects.

Printable for any noncommercial use; feel free to share thumbnails and links to the download page on your favorite social sites.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Lake Scene Coloring Page

Lake Champlain Landscape Scene
I live in Vermont, not far from the Champlain Valley, named for the largest lake in the state. Lake Champlain is nestled in North-central Vermont and its shores also touch New York and Canada.

 There's an historic site in Orwell, Vermont - the  Mount Independence National Historic Site -  where the Green Mountain Boys protected Vermont and New England  from British attacks during the Revolutionary War. Mt. Independence lies on the southwestern shore of Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain, viewed from Mt. Independence Historic site.

During a hike through the park last year I captured this image of the lake with the mountains in the background and puffy clouds in a brilliant clear blue sky. It's now available as a coloring page or painting starter drawing, along with the photograph I used to create this image. Use them together like a paint by number picture for adults.

Lake and Mountains Landscape coloring page

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bunny Tizzy Tulips Coloring Poster

I just finished this new black and white art poster, Tulip Tizzy Rabbit. It's a nice big size (16 x 20) printed on matte finish paper. If you want a larger poster or heavier stock, you can order it printed on a variety of different papers or as a canvas wrap and try your hand at painting a of a kind rabbit and tulips picture.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Celtic Design Poster

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a  Celtic art design poster ready for framing or coloring. This image can be mounted or framed as is, or you may want to try your hand at adding colors. The same design is available imprinted on pub crawl shirts, mouse pads or in white on a green poster background.
Celtic Mandala Art Poster
Look at another framed print on zazzle or find more Irish gifts and St. Patrick's day gear here.