Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crows Design Sheet - Who's Counting?

Flock of Birds Design Sheet
I live surrounded by farms, woodlands and birds. I mean LOTS of birds, including several families of large black crows and ravens who nest in the tall pine trees near my house. They make quite a racket when they're trying to fledge their young. I often see them gathered in big flocks like this picture, walking about in the fields with their friends and family just after corn planting time. They congregate again after the hay mowing and corn harvesting are done, and if there happens to be any interesting roadkill around.

I was thinking about  Counting Crows music and then  the Alfred Hitchchock film The Birds as I created this coloring page ... have no fear, the gang of feathered friends in this  flock of birds design can be any type of bird you like.

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