Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dragon Mandala Coloring Page

I just discovered a fantastic animal mandala coloring pages site.

The coloring pictures are all beautiful line art, but I particularly like this striking dragon mandala coloring page.

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Grandma591 said...

Hi everybody, I am a coloring Grandma, I color every day for fun, relaxation, and to keep from having to take more pain medication(yes,coloring is an EXCELLENT way of dealing with pain-whether physical or emotional-and it WORKS!). Now for my comment: I tried 4 times to print the Dragon Mandala; each time it came out wrong-example:one time it came out too big, another it didn't print out but half the mandala,3rd time it printed out the page, but not the mandala, 4th time absolutely nada; can someone tell me how I can get this dragon mandala printed? Would really appreciate any and all help. Thanks!! God Bless. Diane Grandma591